Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Last night, I attended a meeting of the St. Louis Ruby User Group. I was impressed by the size of the turnout. There were easily 30 people there in the empty, nondescript office space. Though the space was crappy, it felt more community-like than the Java SIG that is held every month in the much nicer CityPlace auditorium. As well, the attendence at the few JavaSIGs I have been to in the last year has been comparitively anemic - though the Java "community" is much larger in St. Louis, it doesn't have the continuing interest that this group seems to. I think of it like a new relationship with a pretty girl - everything feels new and interesting and there are is a lot to learn and talk about. At this point, Java is the spouse the community has had a relationship with for a long time and we have covered so many things that new conversations are harder to come by.