Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Habemus Porcus

Battling rotten weather this afternoon, we travelled out to Kenricks Meat Market to pick up our Noche Buena pig. My Dad brought the biggest cooler he had for taking the pig from the market back to my house. Once back home, the Yak Shaving commenced. We had to clean the pig, find a big enough plastic container to marinate it in, wash a bunch of things to mix the brine with the mojo we had prepared earlier, transfer the pig down to the kitchen, move a bunch of things around, keep the dog in the office, etc.

Two hours after getting it back to our house, the pig was finally juiced-up and bagged neatly for overnight marinading. It's out on our enclosed porch and the forecast calls for an overnight low of just above freezing. My Dad was concerned that wild creatures might break-in to our porch in the night and start to munch on our pig once the divine scent of the mojo gets carried into the backyard. I am not concerned.


Michael Easter said...

Love the soundtrack to the vid.. that is hilarious!

good luck! be sure to keep the garage ventilated, eh?

peace and good tidings

Eric Burke said...